frequently asked questions

1. What is RealRewards Points program?

 RealRewards Points program is operated by RealRewards Loyalty Sdn. Bhd where all eligible loyal customer would be rewarded with Points from participating merchants when making purchases of goods and services.

2. Do I have to pay for membership?

No, RealRewards Card membership is FREE. There is no access fee or annual fee required.

3. Is there any expiry date for the card?

 There is no expiry date on RealRewards Card

4. Where can I apply for the card?

 You can collect an application form from RealRewards participating merchant, fill in the form and return back to merchant and you will get your card immediately. Besides that, you may sign up from RealRewards Website at and we will send your new RealRewards Card within two weeks.

5. Can I use the RealRewards card for my business?

Members are awarded points for making purchases of goods and services of qualifying amounts at participating merchant, if you produce your RealRewards Card when making your purchases. In addition, participating merchant will only issue points for personal purchase at their merchant.

6. What if participating merchants do not accept my RealRewards Card?

 Please ask for the Manager or the Supervisor at the store. If there is still problem, please call our Call Centre at 03-55126260 immediately.

7. What should I do if my RealRewards Card is damaged/lost/stolen?

Please call our Member Services Centre at 03-55126260 so that we can issue a replacement card. This is also to prevent anyone from pilfering your points. Whilst waiting for your replacement card, you can ask the participating merchant to issue a Point Issue Voucher so that you can still earn point manually. Please allow 2 weeks for us to send you a replacement card.

8. Will I be charged for the replacement card?

 For damaged/lost/stolen card, you are required to pay RM5 or 500 points may be deducted from your account for each replacement. For damaged card, if the card is returned to our office, there will be no charges for the replacement card.

9. What is the point structure that I will earn when I use RealRewards Card to purchase at participating merchant?

 Participating Merchant will determine the conditions under which they will permit you to obtain points from them and may change those conditions.

10. Is there any expiry date for my points?

 Yes, RealRewards points will expire within 3 year from the date the points have been accumulated. you will need to make redemption within 3 years, otherwise the points will be expire.

11. How can I check my points balance?

 You may call Member Services Centre at 03-55126260, log on to the website or check at our RealRewards In-Store Redemption Merchant.

12. Can I exchange my points for cash?

 No, points can only be exchanged for rewards as listed in our e-catalogues.

13. How do I redeem for rewards using my points?

You can:

  • Call our Redemption Centre at 03-55126260
  • Visit RealRewards website for e-redemption
  • Visit the RealRewards In-Store Redemption Merchant for instant redemption
    Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of items if you redeemed from Member Services or e-redemption.