RealRewards Group of Companies

The RealRewards Group, which evolves from the company which was founded 20 years ago and which has brought the brand „RealRewards‟ to be a household name in Malaysia today, Electronic Commerce Technology Sdn. Bhd., creates value for business establishments (whom we respectfully call “Business Partners”) by enhancing their customer relationships through their participations in the RealRewards family of payment and loyalty programs and brings benefits to Malaysian consumers (whom we sincerely call “Members”) in the forms of discounts, rebates, privileges, deals, treats, rewards and payment facilities for their daily spending.

RealRewards Loyalty Services

Through RealRewards Loyalty Sdn. Bhd. (“RealRewards Loyalty”), we bring to our Business Partners includes supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, Travel Agents and insurance service providers and Members two valuable programs: The RealRewards Privilege Program and RealRewards Points Program. Our Members, totaling more than 4 million, are the decision makers of their own households who purchase goods and services from our Business Partners and obtain discounts and other privileges with their RealRewards Privilege Cards and/or are awarded with bonus points (called „RealRewards Points‟) with their RealRewards Points Cards and redeem their accumulated RealRewards Points for merchandises, goods and/or services (called “Rewards”).

Our Vision

To become the premier loyalty & backend services provider in Malaysia and the region.

Our Mission

To build a permanent, solid, efficient and effective bridge to facilitate the daily buying and selling transactions between our Members and Business Partners.

RealRewards Loyalty will continue to develop other loyalty related services to better serve both our Business Partners and Members

RealRewards Resources

Through RealRewards Resources Sdn. Bhd. We are assisting our business partners who has ready database with their Loyalty & Redemption Program. We provides loyalty systems, business consultant and back-end services including redemption and fulfillment to our 2 main partners, namely Yayasan Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam Malaysia (YaPEIM), Lubeworld Holdings Sdn Bhd.

RealRewards’ Services and Channels: Helping our merchants and members connect in more ways and in more places