Rewarding, Reminding and Reaching Our Members at Their Convenience Events.

RealRewards Services

RealRewards markets on behalf of our merchants extensively, and we go far beyond using printed, email or telephone communications.

Events are aimed at rewarding loyal customers through exclusive invitations for movie premiers, concerts, live acts such as Sesame Street and Shark Tale for previews of some of our merchants new outlets or sales.


Roadshows are held every quarter to recruit new members in cities as well as  in  larger  towns.  We  introduce RealRewards services, our merchants and the  benefits  members  reap  from using our service.  For members, it lets them redeem certain items  on  the  spot, win  prizes  for answering simple  questions  and take away amazing freebies supplied by our merchants and by us.

The goodwill from members and their continued support of our merchants speak volumes for the effectiveness of this approach.

Telemarketing Services

If you own or head a business and are looking for an effective way to increase sales, look no further than our 3rd Party telemarketing team, 1M Solutions Sdn Bhd. More than 200 seats are ready to help your company to promote and sell your products.