How To Be Our Merchants

Real Business Opportunities

RealRewards’ leading products, services and commitment to building customer relationships can provide your company with the systems and management tools to operate a cost effective program with innovative marketing initiatives. Our objective is to become your technology solution and marketing platform partner that could bridge the gap between ‘information about customers’ and ‘marketing to customers’.

Opportunities that we can discuss include

  •  Points Merchants – You will have an incentive to attract new business, build repeat business and cross market to millions of potential new customers in the RealRewards Program who want to shop with merchants who gives RealRewards Points.
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) – points issued to customers who purchase products and services from your company.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) points issued to trade/corporate customers (retailers, distributors, agents, dealers, etc).
  • In-Store Redemption Merchants – You will be appointed as authorized redemption centers and benefit with increased traffic, redemption sales and profits.
  • Privilege Merchants – You will be able to offer discounts and rebates to promote your products or services to RealRewards members.
  • Customized Loyalty Solution – complete real-time solution for your own loyalty program or member-based loyalty databases.

Are you looking for Business Opportunity?

Some of the benefits of the partnerships are as follows

  •  Opportunity to tap into a membership base of over 5 million, to increase your customers.
  • Data mining analysis reports on your transactions on a regular basis.
  • Ride on RealRewards various marketing communication channels to reach out to your potential customers.
  • Stronger synergy, value added proposition, and lower promotional costs via cross networking with other partners in the RealRewards business circle.
  • Higher exposure on your branding via association with RealRewards.
  • Your external marketing arm which will allow you to concentrate on your core business strategies.