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Rewarding, Reminding and Reaching Our Members at Their Convenience Events

RealRewards markets on behalf of our merchants extensively, and we go far beyond using printed, email or telephone communications.

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Roadshows are held every quarter to recruit new members in cities as well as in larger towns. We introduce RealRewards services, our merchants and the benefits members reap from using our service.

The goodwill from members and their continued support of our merchants speak volumes for the effectiveness of this approach.

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Telemarketing Services

Started our Telemarketing team in early 2008 with 50 professional telemarketers, our team able to support any combination of services for outbound sales from financial line, insurance, leisure as well as surveys management

If you own or head a business and are looking for an effective way to increase sales…

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E-mail aka Electronic Mail

For our members who have provided their email addresses our communications are even quicker with alerts, merchants‟ promotions, invitations for members‟ only events, movie screening, outdoor activities and other activities. They can even choose to receive our newsletter and Real One magazine via email, by signing up for this information here:


Petronas Dagangan Berhad

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Carrefour Malaysia

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Telekom Malaysia

Standard Reward Card


Co-Branding Credit Card